"A direct and clear approach to Human Resources that is refreshing!"

Vivian Johnson

Fellowship Academy

"Thank you so much for your service to Fellowship Academy. You have been very knowledgeable and helpful.  You gave us great guidance in getting our HR files in compliance order.  You a very organized and prompt in your service to us.  We greatly appreciate your help!"
“Jennifer is trying to help change the perception of Human Resources.  Instead of just being the enforcer, she is educating businesses  on the many advantages that a qualified HR Professional can bring to the table,  which can  ultimately impact a company’s bottom line in a positive way. Happy and informed employees are Productive Employees.  Jennifer has a direct and clear approach to Human Resources that is refreshing!  “

Shelley Hunter

TNT Promotions

"Jennifer, I am so glad we met and were able to connect quickly!  As a business owner for 15+ years, there are many HR topics that I 'know' about, but did not always have the right person to 'lean on' or ask about.  You were so instrumental in refreshing my memory on basic organization with personnel files and then jumping on the task of helping me with an Employee Handbook / Policy Manual for my agency.  Since then, I have learned that you will be a great asset to assist me with hiring new employees, as well.  I'm so glad to have met you and look forward to continuing our work together!"

"Jennifer of HR Mansfield has made being a successful small business owner immeasurably simpler and more achievable. Her proficiency, experience, and professionalism allow me to focus on my own area of expertise while knowing that the Human Resources portion of my business is being held to an equal standard. Plus, she's a lot of fun to work with, which makes me look forward to our meetings!"

"Human resource management is one of the most complicated aspects of running a business. The regulations are broad, and change frequently. Jennifer’s vast knowledge, combined with her ability to simplify difficult issues and propose efficient solutions make her a valuable asset to even the most savvy business owner. I regularly recommend Jennifer to businesses in need of HR guidance."

"Proficiency, experience, and professionalism."

Our client partnerships are at the heart of HR Mansfield.

HR Mansfield Clients

HR Mansfield works with public, private, for-profit, non-profit, and religious organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, across the state of Texas, and all over the U.S. Regardless of business size or distance, our priority is to create and grow a personal, trusting relationship with each client.

HR Mansfield partners are consistently pleased with the quality of our work, with our professionalism, and with the creative approach we take to tackle our clients' biggest challenges:

"Incredible depth of experience and knowledge in all areas of Human Resources."

"A valuable asset to even the most savvy business owner."

Lisa Allen

Vertical Church

"I was first introduced to Jen during a webinar back in summer of 2013. Who could have imagined that 6 months later she would be the prime HR consultant for our church, Vertical Church? Jen brings to the table an incredible depth of experience and knowledge in all areas of Human Resources. Most churches don’t appreciate or understand the value of having HR input into their ministries. Without it, the church can find themselves in a vulnerable position. In the short time that we have used Jen, she has quickly responded to our needs and filled in the areas where we have lacked. She has made my life easier just knowing that she is a phone call away but has made it feel like she is only an office away. Her concern and care for VC is apparent and I feel blessed that she is a part of our team."
Bryant "Bry" Acker
Farmers Insurance

Dustin Strong
Strong On Health

"Impacts a company's bottom line in a positive way."